ICE 62 Targa

Hull material: Hybrid Glass/Carbon
LOA: 17,99 m
LWL: 16.8
Beam: 5.2 m
Draft: 2.3 - 3,9m
Displacement: 19,9 tn
A star is born: the new Ice 62 Targa
- Nautic Mag
The ICE 62 TARGA is an authentic, high-quality fast cruise with an incredible exploitation of space, an intriguing line that reminds of the typical stylistic features of the yard, and an addition of functional details such as the distinctive carbon rollbar with T top in carbon that differentiates from the traditional bimini and enables a clear, safe and clean deck.

By rising from the powerful lines of the ICE 60, alongside a mix of inspiring contents of ours 62′ and 70′, it is capable of exalting the robustness, seaworthiness, and performance that characterize the shipyard which led ICE YACHTS to success. Moreover, it denotes a unique and distinguishing elegance defined by the innovative deckhouse.

Its very modern design is marked by a reversal bow (scimitar shape), with a carbon bowsprit of 1.3 meters, acknowledged as the elder brother, and the natural evolution of ICE 52, a further ICE YACHTS bestseller with over 15 units produced nowadays.

The hydrodynamics of the boat is defined by water lines and appendices characterized by an unprecedented draft with variable depth from 2.30 to 3.90 meters; double rudder blades, bow thruster, retractable bow andstern thruster to guarantee maximum simplicity during the mooring.

Particular attention has been paid to save weight in order to install a Yanmar engine of 195 horsepower that allows incredible performances also without wind. The engine cruise top speed reaches and goes above 12 knots.

In addition to these performances, further technologies are applied throughout the construction, together with the incredible quality of valuable handcrafted work executed by highly qualified technicians who have collected many years of experience behind them.

HARDTOP: carbon with solar panels and traveler with an electric command
BIMINI: made of carbon with solar panels support and electrically operated mainsheet traveler.
TRAVELER: electrically operated.
LITHIUM: lithium batteries 1000 ah 24 v empirbus domotic system.

"Above all, there is an underlying sense of pride, which shines out of Ice Yachts."
The shell and deck are laminated in infusion from female mold; the hull is made of hybrid fibers to combine carbon's structural stiffness with the natural noise and vibration suppression qualities of glass fibers. The deck is full carbon to ensure lightness in the upper part and lower the barycenter. The structures are made of carbon as well, are laminated into place, and also made in infusion, becoming one with hull and deck, removing creaks and noises. In addition to the classic gluing, the deck is bonded to the hull as well as all the bulkheads, creating a monolithic and very rigid structure. These choices, along with limiting the weights, supply the boat with a solidity and strength able to withstand the repeated stresses and heavy loads that are faced even in the most challenging navigation.

ICE 62 TARGA is equipped with a fin made of double Weldox steel with high mechanical characteristics and a lead torpedo milled with numerical control that offer the advantage of reducing the weight of the ballast and, therefore, the total displacement of the boat with the same righting moment.

Thanks to the technologies employed for the realization of the interiors, such as the use of lightened panels, it is conceivable to save a considerable amount of weight compared to a traditional realization, without renouncing to the quality of the carpentry work, both in the refinement of finishes and in the excellence of the details. The interiors are foreseen in the version with 3 cabins, alongside 2 large bathrooms and a spacious open kitchen.

The standard carbon mast is equipped with a very comfortable mainsail roller with electric movement in the boom, very useful to further simplify the navigation or when reducing or pulling down the sails.

The first model of ICE 62 TARGA is currently under construction at ICE YACHTS shipyard in Salvirola, near Crema, and the first boat, for a demanding owner, will be in the water at the end of the year. The yard's technicians are available to illustrate and show the quality of the real Made in Italy and the attention to the details that only a product born from the Italian design and manufacture tradition is able to offer.
Full Specification
L.O.A.: 17,99 m
L.W.L.: 16,80 m
BEAM: 5,20 m
DRAFT: from 2,30 m to 3,90 m
Ballast: 6 tn
Engine: 195 CV
Water capacity: 1040 l
Fuel capacity: 800 l
Interior: 3 cabin – 2 wc
Mainsail: 122 m2
Jib: 73 m2
Gennaker: 298 m2
DESIGN: Umberto Felci
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